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Super Happeh Phun Tyme!

Back and still alive! Now with some new material!

A couple of weeks ago, I started a series called Super Happeh Phun Tyme which consists of me and my friends playing really horrible games (most of the time) and the occasional classic game. My channel on youtube can be seen HERE.

Please feel welcome to comment on the videos and add any games that you think we should play in the future of this silly series.

PS: There will be a new episode every Tuesday and Friday!

Episode 1


Episode 2

Episode 3



If you’ve been a gamer since the 1980’s, back where the Atari, NES, Genesis etc. this video is for you. Not only is it reminiscing, it’s very well done. The CGI is extremely high quality, the story…well let’s say that’s how things should end…

Just watch the video

Serious Sam HD: The First Supermercial!

With Serious Sam HD coming around the corner, advertisements are the first to come out. MAKE MY SERIOUS SAM HD!!

First person shooter disease

This is a serious problem that people need to be aware of. Im afraid this will be the next swine flu…


Mario in the real world

I came across this while posting a video on the frustration of playing the hardest level on Mario. It already has over 15 million views, perhaps you may have already seen it, but then theirs a chance you haven’t. At any rate, their are many Mario parodies out there, good and bad. This one is pretty good. Good enough to win the “Best Comedy of 2007” on Youtube.

The parodyis about Mario and Peach wanted to move away from the world of Mario and start anew in the real world.

Breaking my ballz!

We have all met a time where we are frustrated, end of story.

Serious Sam Returns

You probably have never heard of this game, but that will change soon enough. Serious Sam is a classic first person shooter that defines the word insane. The series follows the adventures of hero Sam “Serious” Stone and his fight against the forces of the extraterrestrial overlord Notorious Mental who seeks to destroy humanity. This game is a three part series; The First Encounter, The Second Encounter, and Serious Sam II.  Serious Sam II is actually the third game in the series, the first two games are widely considered to be two halves to one larger game, similar to Doom and Doom II.

The awards Serious Sam was given:

  • Game of the Year (PC)(2001) – GameSpot
  • Editor’s Choice– IGN
  • Outstanding Achievement in Technology(2001) – IGN Action Vault
  • Surprise of the Year(2001) – IGN Action Vault
  • This game is not be taken seriously as Croteam purposely made it to make fun of games such as Doom and Duke Nukem. I’d say that’s about right. The lame jokes and a story that was thought up from a article that can be found in Weekly World News obviously appears to be done on purpose.

    Croteam is widely known for making good looking games as well as making them fun, for cheap. The First Encounter was the first game in the series which had been in the making since 1996 and had a video showing its early game play in 2000. Developed by Croteam, The First Encounter  was a demonstrator for their engine and this is the reason why some countries saw its initial release priced at less than half the value of other games in the genre.

    This unfamiliar game made it to a bigger audience by bringing Serious Sam to the console. They weren’t on par with the PC version due to poor control schemes, but it did help make a profit.


    Now to the point, they officially announced the remaking of Serious Sam: The First Encounter with up to date graphics using the new Serious Engine 3 called Serious Sam HD. Majesco Entertainment will bring Serious Sam HD to the Xbox Live Arcade in late summer of 2009, with a PC release in the fall. The game will retail for 1200 Microsoft Points or $15USD and support 4 player online co-op.

    Serious Sam HD 1

    The game looks very familiar to The First Encounter.

    Serious Sam HD 2

    They didn’t mention any new game play, but I am curious if anything else has been done to the game besides new engine.