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Back To Reality (Podcast 1)

I was invited to do a podcast with a friend and his friends. I hesitated. I had just woken up, hadn’t eaten, smelled like ass and had a ton of homework to do. I was forced into it and I’m glad I was. It was fun! I hope to be more involved with the conversations next time.

Back to Reality

PS: I was having mic issues in the beginning and my computer forced restart in the middle of it. Also my name is Falkentyne in the show, but was referred to as Mike most of the time.


Guests: Falkentyne and Sky13r


Relationship vs. Being Single

KeSPA vs. USA Gaming Communities

COD: Black Ops

Working Out


McNugget Rage

This video was just released today I believe, but it happened sometime last year according to the surveillance camera’s time.

Long story short, “Sorry ma’am we don’t serve Chicken McNuggets at this time”.

The woman was charged $1,500 and 60 days in prison.

Small Mountain Hike

My friend had to video record of some mountain climbers for a project, so he invited me to go with him to Horsetooth Reservoir. It was a beautiful day with bright skies and warm temps. Mind you, these pics were taken from my phone so the beauty has been somewhat destroyed, but it makes a point. I ended up laying down on a gigantic rock for 45 min, blowing off my mind to make inner peace with myself.

I-25 Wrong Way Crash

Now I don’t watch the news much, but this is a different case, I was involved. On July 5th, I was driving to pick up my friend from the airport who had gone to California for a week. Her flight was delayed and coming around 10 o’clock PM instead

Wrong Way Driver

of 8 o’clock PM. As we were driving back, she needed to get some snacks so we stopped at a gas station before heading back on the highway. This caused me to miss the exit to get onto the tollway, which is the

quickest way home. We were taking the long way route back to the highway and multiple times I had the urge just to take an exit and turn around to go back, but she insisted that I stay on the same road because it would take us to I-25 (which was true). About 5 minutes into merging into Interstate 25, driving on the passing lane, I eventually saw two white lights on the same lane as I was. The first thought that came to mind was “what the hell is that?” then asked “is that construction lights or something?” then came to the conclusion that “that might be a car coming right at me!”. Without exactly knowing it was in fact a car driving towards me, I instinctively swerved to the right. I had lost sight of the lights by this time as I was trying to gain control of the car as I tried to stay on the road. It was to much for the car to handle at such speeds

Vehicle where the passenger was killed

and hit the median 3 seconds after I had swerved out of the way. I estimate that I had hit the cement wall at 70+ MPH. At first I couldn’t see out of my right eye as it throbbed with pain, then I began to worry about my friend who actually ended up asking “are you ok?!” first. I responded with a yes. We got out of the car as smoke began to consume the inside. By the time I got out, there were cars pulling over to the side and I ran into a guy already on the phone talking to the police. I asked him “is it true, was there a car driving the wrong way?” He said “yes…you were lucky”. I was relieved to know I had survived, and with that, wasn’t seeing things.

I was told to sit on the wall because I kept my hand over my right eye that seemed as though I was in pain. Everyone kept telling me “it’s going to be ok, the ambulance is coming”. I held my hand over my right eye as it throbbed, not able to see out of it, I thought to myself “I won’t be able to see out of this eye ever again”. The police arrived first and asked for my insurance and driver’s license and a short story of what happened. Then the ambulance came. Multiple police cars were speeding across the other side of the road. I overheard the police saying she was still driving the wrong way and they were trying to catch her. The paramedic asked me question after question and encouraged me to be taken to the hospital due to the speed we had hit the wall. I took the offer without hesitation. As I was loaded onto the vehicle, one of the paramedics said “we got a 4-0”. I asked what that meant and he said “someone had died, it pretty much means the person’s vitals are gone by the time we get there”. We all assumed it was the driver who was going the wrong way.

Elizabeth Long's Vehicle

As soon as I got to the hospital my eye began to swell to the point where I couldn’t open my eye. The doctor asked if there was any other types of pain I was feeling as they put pressure around my eye and I didn’t feel much of anything. They wanted a scan of my skull just to be safe, I took the offer.

Good thing I did. An hour after the scan they had found a fracture underneath my right eye, but wasn’t serious enough to require surgery. Then the officer to took my insurance and ID came and found me to return my stuff and ask more questions. I asked, who was the person who died? He said “it was a passenger of a vehicle she had collided with, yes, it wasn’t the driver going the wrong way”.

The next day, I had received a call that the driver was Elizabeth Long was released from jail and that the death was Mary Warren. She was a 22, a CSU grad student, who lived in Fort Collins. Almost sounds like me!?

Their is more information and even a video of me talking to the reporter of CBS4 Denver. I am wearing an eye-patch due to the grossness of my swollen beat up eye (plus it’s cool!)


My friend and me talking to th reporter

No Respect!

Board game that was literally "boaring" haha

Went to a coffee shop to “chill” with a couple of my friends. This place has a bunch of games you can pull out and play at the table. It was a bold move, but we had my good friend go and choose the game for us. What does he come back with? Just as the picture depicts, a Rodney Dangerfield game called No Respect. While it took longer to describe the rules of the game than it was to play an entire game, it ended with the need to gouge our eyes out. It was tempting to play another round, but we moved on…just like Rodney Dangerfield, who probably wished this game and its entirety be lost and forgotten forever.

If buildings were ALIVE

An art muesuem in Germany has a unique way of attracting people. It looks like a projecting screen, but I believe its a set of screens on the building itself, about 555 of them. The heavy deep bass sounds, which I hope is coming from the building itself, does make the show more interactive.


The Japanese have constructed a 9 x 9 x 9  foot square box that has all the necessary equipment to well…live. it costs 6,300,000 yen… or 70,000 US dollars. I personally wouldn’t mind living in something compact and efficient, but I am a person of having people come over to hang. I dont think this would suffice.

 Paco Outside

The roof can be lifted and acts as a window… I think.


This isn’t the bed, but a place to rest since theirs nothing else to do..

Dining Room

Nice little compact dinning room/sitting area.


Sitting in action. Cant tell how hard the surface is, but I hope its soft.


Nice little bathroom


Shower in action.


Sleeping area. Kinda claustrophobic to me, but what can you do.