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The Terror of Toyland

Artist: Dan Deacon

Song: “Paddington Ghost

Rating: C

I suppose this video provides its viewer a visual response to a question indie fans have long struggled with: “What the fuck is a Paddington Ghost?”

It answers this question with Tootsie Pop ghosts, cheap hand-crafted backdrops and Beanie Babies. There’s something to be respected about putting so much effort into simplicity but the Dan Deacon puppet at 2:12 (whoops, did I ruin it?) is an unwelcome surprise.



Went to an awesome concert last night. It’s sad to say that it was my first concert I’ve ever attended.

Featuring EOTO and guests Vibesquad and Big Gigantic, I had no idea what was in store for me. As a lover for music I wasn’t too worried, as long as it has no relation to country music (sorry!). EOTO (pronounced like Kyoto without the “K”) is an electronic jam band consisting of Jason Hann and Michael Travis and they perform only in live venues. All of their performances are completely improvised. EOTO means beautiful sound in Japanese. Their CD Elephants Only Talk on Occasion, confused people and was thought as the meaning behind EOTO, but Travis confirmed their actual name is End Of Time Observatory.

Jason Hann is a percussionist for The String Cheese Incident, an American jamband from Boulder, Colorado.

The venue itself, Mishawaka Amphitheatre, has the most unique and “bomb” setup. It’s located in the middle of the mountains so all you see is nature all around you, plus theirs a river right next to it so you can… use the bathroom or just chill while jamming to the music. I didn’t get the chance to take any pictures, which is something I’m regretting at the moment, but their will be another day. I do wish I went to more live concerts after going to EOTO. I’ve been missing out way too much. It’s not too late! Better late than never I always say!

Dub FX

I’ve seen some pretty good beat boxers out there, but this one tops them all. He turns his beats from his own throat and mouth to create something that sounds like a band. Using looping technology, his beats can be used as background, bass, and musical instruments. Not only are his beats top notch, his voice is unbelievable. He can sing, and not only limited to, reggae, punk, rap, and much more.  His time and dedication is clearly seen with all the work he creates. He calls his work Psychedelic / A’cappella / Trip Hop

Truly an amazing talent, or perhaps just has a huge love for music.


 This first clip is one of my favorites. Electronic reggae.


 This clip is him singing as if it were a duo. Both high pitch and low pitch “rappers”


Check out his website for more information HERE

smoke that shit

Artist: Snoop Dogg

Song: “Vato”

Rating: D

Long since he started his professional career, the music of Snoop Dogg has long since been associated with incredibly terrible artwork.

Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? In this case, no. Not at all. Looking like a scrapped-up Flash animation that was rushed cuz the collaborating artists smoked way too much fucking weed trying to drum up inspiration, this just might be the worse Snoop Dogg video ever. The style is best described as an anime-inspired 20-dollar South Padre shirt brought to life. It moves along with the song quite but, c’mon Snoop, this looks like total shit. I am way too lazy to look up this video’s animators, but fifty bucks says certain family ties got them commisioned for this video.

weird did it all go wrong

Artist: “Weird Al” Yankovic
Song: “Skipper Dan”

Rating: C

I have to assume that the perennial parodist known as “Weird Al” Yankovic has moved into a difficult stage in his life and here’s why: all of his music videos since “White & Nerdy”, each and every one, has been an animated collection. Now he’s being subjected to releasing singles online, including this depressing ditty about what happens when a person with stocky arms reach for their golden plate dreams.

I, one embittered fan, want back my classic live-action videos, not these flash animation atrocities. No, they’re not that bad- most are actually good (this video is decent, at best) and some kudos has to be awarded to Yankovic for extending a hand to the hard-working artists of the Internet, less they be sentenced to fifty years cranking out airline safety videos. On the other hand, leave the flash animation to the internets. I want my ALTV.

Maybe it’s just a case of “It’s only considered classic because you enjoyed it as a kid” syndrome, but I find certain older works outright phenomenal. Consider the career-spanning works of  “I Lost On Jeopardy” (best moment @ 1:47), “Gump” (best moment @ 1:33) and “Amish Paradise” (best moment @ 2:50). The Weird Al movie was fucking funny too. Of course, there will always be a special place in my heart for “Fat” (particularly the line at 0:28). Yankovic is still fairly funny in his songs, but the Al I know and loved wore jherri curls and uncle-glasses and did the live action videos like a good entertainment industry peon.

The Cleaning Crew

Artist: Black Moth Super Rainbow

Song: “Sun Lips”

Rating: A

I’m not going to give away the theme for this video. It’s one of those types that treats you real well after about 45 seconds of viewing. You know the type; you watch with patient observance, notice a pattern and feel all the smarter for it. I appreciate videos like that. They make me feel clever.

Beyond that, animal ghosts are fucking hilarious.

The sweet screaming of children

mgmt kids

Artist: MGMT

Song: “Kids

Rating: A-

This is a pretty good music video. The mushheads known as MGMT are some of the biggest indie stars out there, and from written reports, they really don’t need “Time To Pretend” that they’re rockstars. And being that rockstars break taboos, MGMT has gone above and beyond fucking everything in their path  fostering helium addictions; they’re traumatizing children. Fuck, they’re traumatizing me.

And from the looks of it, they’re doing a pretty damn good job. This video is above and beyond bizarre and by opening with that goofy Mark Twain quote, well, I guess they’re making a statement about the seriousness of music videos. I’m glad someone has finally found the way. Best of luck to that kid in milking his trauma for all that it’s worth.

Also, one should take note that this is the “official” MGMT music video, but since they their damn time in pumping it out, someone went ahead and made an decent one that looks like a real video and has millions and millions of views. Way to go guys.