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おひさしぶり!(Long time no see)

おひさしぶり!(Long time no see)

I came, I left, I came, I left again, and now I’m back again. A lot of has happened since my last disappearance. I traveled the wor.. Japan to learn more about myse.. Japanese.

Though my endeavor was meant to just learn Japanese, at least that was my thought process before I left for Japan. Not only did I learn the language, I further understood who I am as an individual. As it turns out I’m not that complicated to understand. One being, I dislike Japanese beer. That’s pretty much all I learned.

Jokes aside, I made many friends, took many pictures and videos, and came to dislike America more so than before.


More Super Happeh Phun Tyme!

Just an update to new episodes that have been uploaded to youtube. Please subscribe to it and make a comment as to what other games we should play! Name anything and we will do it.

Episode 5 – The Price is Right has 2 parts to it. The second part is more party based with 3 people instead of single player mode.



Episode 6 – Nickelodeon GUTS was by far the worst game we have done so far. I had to speed up the video through half of it and we couldnt even finish the game itself so unfortuantely it turned out pretty bad. LOL!



Episode 7 – Jeopardy! This was probably the most fun we have had up to this point. It is also one of the longest ones coming to 3 different parts. Our intelligence level is tested and the result is…well find out for yourself!

Hatsune Miku LIVE!

Just as the title implies, its a concert and Hatsune Miku is singing on the stage! I enjoy anime quite a bit and Hatsune Miku is a cool concept as a character, but man this is too much. I’m actually a little creeped out by this whole thing… At the same time it’s entertaining to watch and seeing a bunch of lighted up leeks being thrown back and forth with excitement.

I hope I never become a member of the audience in one of these events. I got other important things to do, like watch these videos and laugh.

Back to Reality 3

This is the third installment of Back to Reality podcast. This is the second time for me to be in it since I missed out on the first one.

I felt I was more involved in this one that the “first” one I did. Enjoy BACK TO REALITY


Guests: Falkentyne and Sky13r


Hardest Game Ever Played

The Elder Scrolls V MMO?



Starcraft Tournament

One of my friends from Japanese class invited me to go join a Starcraft II tourney.He happened to make a poster of the tourney and my face is on it, wonderful…

I have already lost my first match, but since it is a double elimination tourney, I have to lose one more time to be out of the game. My next game is tonight so wish me luck!


Japanese Train Station

By far the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in awhile. Most likely this stuff happens only in Japan, so much so you could see this and say to yourself “those Japanese people, always doing funny things”. No seriously is this even safe? Anyways, I’m looking forward to crap like this when I’m over there, although if the ride itself is more than 20 minutes it’s not going to be fun.

I’m surprised that the kid was able to deal with all these guys pushing him into the train without any agonizing pain, or even hear people already in the train yelling and cussing. Crap like this would not go as smoothly here or anywhere else in the world.

I love it

Japanese Discipline

A video my friend found and showed me because it involved those crazy Japanese people. I didn’t know what I was expecting that involved ‘precision’. I was thinking somewhere between the lines of shooting guns.

My thoughts were wrong, it’s pretty sweet nonetheless. Unfortunately, part of the video should be skipped when they present each individual by their name which starts around 2:45 and ends at 4:05.