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Computer Desk (literally)

An idea that should’ve been done a long time ago. It makes sense, saves space, and plain out spells “cool.” After seeing this I feel the need to do the same, a new future project to build my very own “computer desk.” If only I had the money.

computer desk


Vanguard Princess

Im not a huge fan of fighting games, but when you add “free” and “anime chicks” then it’s a whole different story. Vanguard Princess is the perfect fighting game for those who enjoy un-natural boob bouncing and hot babes battling it out for some reason. The sprites are smooth, easy on the eyes and after watching a video I had to downloaded it myself to give it a whirl. So I recorded myself losing on normal difficulty. I still don’t know the buttons because everything is in Japanese. After toying with most of the characters, my all time favorite will have to be the girl with the two guns.

Download it HERE and click the blue button it should download after you accept the ActivX panel.

After you have downloaded the file and extracted, their steps to be made in order for this to work:

1. Path to game must contain only Latin chars.
2. Rename folder ヴァンガードプリンセス to anything else (”vanpri” for example)
3. Rename ヴァンガードプリンセス.exe to vanpri.exe
4. Rename ヴァンガードプリンセス.kgt to vanpri.kgt

Then you must have AppLocale open the vanpri.exe file, which can be found HERE, then you should be able to start the game!

Windows 7 deals

Windows 7

Great deals for computer users interested in the new OS that’s coming out on October 22nd. If you pre-order Windows 7 through Newegg, Best Buy or directly from Microsoft, you get over 50% off the price and free shipping as soon as its released. $49.99 is a great deal for a new and improved version of Vista. Why get Windows 7? From what I hear it’s supposedly the “best of the best” or to be put simply “Vista on crack.” Keep one thing in mind, this is the upgrade. If you have a problem dealing with buying a new OS that’s just an upgrade, then reconsider just buying the full edition, which will be considerably more expensive.

That’s not all! If you purchase a computer, net book, laptop, after June 26th (which is inevitable) and has a legal copy of Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate, you get Windows 7 free when it is released under the “free upgrade” program. I’m not sure how long this lasts, but I don’t think it’ll end anytime soon.


UPDATE: They have copies of the full edition on Microsoft’s website retailed for 199.99 for home premium and 299.99 for Professional.

Why Windows is more popular than Macs

Well, with advertising and word of mouth, one would assume that America is slowly becoming a Mac world, yet there are still so many people who prefer PC’s over Macs. That made me wonder, what is Windows doing to keep people hooked? I assumed that it had something to do with the variety of software available for PC’s. By far, if you want to play video games, buy a PC, if you want to go into engineering, buy a PC. But today, while stumbling, I found the true reason for Windows popularity. It’s Bill Gates, himself.

Look at him!
-Those genius glasses
-His luring eyes
-that sexy smirk
Who can resist Bill with dashing looks like that? So, the mystery is solved. PC’s are still number one not because of the performance (which, with windows 7 coming out, will be quite impressive), or the software. It’s the man himself, Bill Gates.

The Work Place

The Quick Intro

Xgonda is a website that talks about anything. Comes from a variety of news and entertainment anyone can enjoy; anime, video games, every day life, sites you should check out, or life stories anybody can relate to. If you are interested in these topics and are also interested in joining a community of folks who also like the same stuff then this is the place for you.

Xgonda’s birthplace

I use Windows Vista, while Macs are usually better for handling websites and other business related items. It’s a little expensive at the moment but Windows does the trick for now. >_< I built my own computer and treat it as if it were my own child. A 24 inch screen monitor and a latop to go along for the ride.

Im a level 80 Dark Knight HELP!

So, I just got offered a job at a company called Long View Systems in Denver…Pay is 40k…Thoughts?