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Car Show 10′

This event occurred a couple months back (late March), but it’s worth mentioning now. I have been going to the Denver Auto Show for 7 years and every time I go it seems to get more dull. The past 2 auto shows had too many people, meaning too many of my friends came and checked it out. I spent more time looking for my friends than looking at the rare and expensive cars I never usually see and most likely, won’t be able to drive. This is a problem because IT SUCKS! Before it was just me and a good friend of mine, then 2, then 3, and then 4 (which was perfect). Now the numbers are in the double digits. In the last two years it reached to 10 or so people.

Another point to make out is the fun level of the Auto Shows have decreased dramatically every year I go. I figured I should skip a year, take a break , but all my friends insist on going and it’s hard not to say no. I’d end up being alone, wishing I had gone, and moan etc.

I think the reason is that the cars are pretty much the same. There’s the Aston Martins, the Lambos, Lotus’s, and it’s all rare and exciting, but not so much the 2nd time or even the 7th time. Plus with the global warming and gas price crisis, going green is the new fad. It’s all nice and dandy, and I really should care (I do), but they aren’t the cars I want to see. Anyways, here are some pics last years Auto Show!

Look at that post!

New Lotus EvoraFront view

New R8 V10


Damn… that’s fast

Well the new season of the television show Top Gear has started over in the UK, and jaws are already dropping in awe. For people who haven’t seen the show, Top Gear is one of the few reasons to care about t.v. anymore. It’s a good show, maybe even the best one out there. Through its twelve previous seasons one segment has always been a staple of the show, the power lap times. This is no different in the thirteenth and current season. Many supercars have risen to the top and subsequently been defeated by lighter, more powerful cars, but I have a feeling the new champion will be at the top for some time to come. This car has beaten out the 1:17.1 time held by the Apollo Gumpert S (the ugliest supercar in the world according to the hosts) by an astounding seven seconds with a time of 1:10.7! The car in question is none other than the Ferrari FXX.

The Ferrari FXX is basically a slightly more civilized version of a formula one car, boasting a 6.3 liter V12 developing 800bhp. Only 30 of these have been manufactured and the only way to own one was to have Ferrari come to YOU. While the car may cost $1.9 million, at least Ferrari offers racing lessons to the owners right? Owners will need them too as the car is a track car, i.e. not street legal. This brings up a predicament because up to this point Top Gear only allowed times of production and street legal cars to stay on the list of power lap times. Will the FXX be allowed to stay on top? I don’t know the answer but one thing is certain, it’s an awe-inspiring car.