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Now we all know, yes including those people who don’t watch anime, about the oversized, ‘perfectly’ shaped, and over exaggerated movement of boobs in anime. This AMV pretty much describes every bit of what the artists, producers, or whoever is responsible for the notion that boobs look and do what they do in anime. Perhaps it’s just how the Japanese minds work, or just a man’s fantasy come true..


Magic Pad

By far one of the best  AMV’s I have ever seen. If that is not enough to convince you the level of how well done this AMV is then hopefully this will. It won the 2008 AMV awards, the title literally meaning “Best AMV of 2008″ basing from votes from ordinary to experienced AMV fans.

Nostromo has listed into my favorite AMV artist. Nostromo has been involved in helping other people with their AMV’s for the past couple of years. He has done other works as well, one other that was on par with this one and I’ll post about that for another day.

Enjoy Magic Pad.

PS: those who are interested in downloading this on HD to have available all the time and to watch over and over again, go HERE and sign up. Then go HERE to visit his page of the works he has created and download them. It is encouraged to rate the AMV’s if you continue to download more later in the future or else bad things will happen… There are probably other places to check out without having to sign up to something, but I do prefer

Gunbuster 1 & 2

Story 9/10 – Both Gunbuster’s kinda follow one another. Though each season has a different set of characters and since technically the first season ended, the second one had a new beginning. They say it’s recommended to watch the first Gunbuster that came out in 1988, but I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary. Though it would explain the ending of the second season of Gunbuster rather effectively. I have to say that it is inefficient for me to combine 1 and 2 together since I feel the story of the first season made more sense, had more of an overflow and was just ‘better’. As it goes, it’s in the early 21st century, insectoid organisms are invading the galaxy, searching for new stars to house their young. Mankind’s only defense lies with space cadets. The daughter of a celebrated admiral killed in battle, with their skill and the power of the mecha known as GunBuster, they must help fight to protect the galaxy from total annihilation. Sounds dramatic and intense right? Well that’s the overall story of the first season.

Now the second season is about Nono, a clumsy young girl living in the backwater countryside of Mars, dreams of becoming a space pilot. But when Nono witnesses a real space pilot called Topless, and her brutal fight with one of the invading space monsters, she discovers that it may not be so easy. With guts and effort her only recourse is to fight back against hordes of space monsters.

If you are familiar with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, who are the makers of Gunbuster, it has the same plot. The universe is in danger and the people of the milky way galaxy on a planet called Earth save it… a very HUGE battle that breaks the laws of physics and reality. Now I feel I’m giving this show a little more credit than it’s worth. 9 is pretty much saying it’s good, but it’s very original and ridiculous. But coming from the late 80’s so it’s creative in its own way.

Characters 9.5/10 – The story isn’t anything new, but the characters were. In the first season, the daughter/main character and her “rival/ally” was commendable. What is nice about the first season of Gunbuster is they explain and thoroughly detail the difficulty, hardship, and work that is involved in dealing with a mech. I truly enjoyed the characters as they felt…real? They were mature, held responsible for the safety of the galaxy, but yet childish since they were still teenagers.

Animation 9/10 – The first most important detail to take here is that the first season was released in 1988, the same time as Akira, which was a movie. They both have a huge resemblance to each other, that’s how superb Gunbuster was. Sure it’s not like today’s, but if it is a problem such as it’s too ‘old’ then I would encourage to throw those feelings out the window for this series. The second season was magnificent as well. Again, similar to Gurren Lagann, the explosions, action scenes, was well implemented. Part of enjoying both Gunbuster’s is the animation, nothing to disregard on that category. My only complaint would  be the CGI. It just looked too CGI for it to look good, but thank god they didn’t use much of it.

Overall 9.25/10 – I started to watch the second season first since I dislike the old fashioned style of anime of the 80’s to the mid 90’s. I was warned to watch the first season first and I decided to give it a shot. Boy was I glad I did. The first season was magnificent and only made the second season much better to enjoy. This is one of the few shows that takes the imagination of space to a new level. The first Gunbuster strongly reflected on the concept of space travel and it’s effect on time. Very fun stuff, the second season was strong on the human ability to colonize and travel around the solar system. As a huge fan of astronomy and the idea of space travel, it all just added to the enjoyment of the show for me. Now this show is pretty serious, barely no humor can be gathered from both Gunbuster’s, but at the same time it is RIDICULOUS! So just a heads up. Laws will be broken and perhaps a few “pfff’s” or “yea right’s” will happen. I can’t go much on about the series since their is only 12 episodes altogether, but ALOT does happen! Highly recommend.

Side note: This anime has 3 names in total: Aim for the top! and Diebuster are also the same anime.


Another recommended AMV that it worth watching. Visuals and editing is a *thumbs up

Black Rock Shooter Gold Saw

Black Rock Shooter seems to be everywhere these days. A new figurine Black★Gold Saw, is part of the supporting cast of the OVA series Black★Rock Shooter. Her relevance to the plot is still unclear, and her origins, along with her human counterpart, have not been disclosed. It is presumed that in the beginning of the OVA, she fights Black★Rock Shooter and is victorious, giving Black★Rock Shooter her scars. It is unknown if she is an “other self” at all, and if she is, whom she is one for and how she relates to Black★Rock Shooter or Kuroi Mato. Her possible human counterpart in the real world was sitting on the chair of the train at the beginning, but this is unclear as the hairstyle is very common and the eye color is difficult to tell.

Images/credit from Dannychoo

Figma version

Black★Gold Saw is a girl with red eyes and long black hair. A red flame shoots out from her right eye. She has a pair of curved black horns whose color turns to red as it reaches the tip. Like Dead Master, Black★Gold Saw also has skeletal claws. Her outfit is similar to Black★Rock Shooter except for the design of her jacket and her bikini top; her jacket extends into a worn-out cape which is dyed red at the end.

Like all of the “other selves”, her eyes have a circular pattern in them. Her weapon of choice is a large black sword with a long handle and a curved hilt shaped like a pointing-down crescent.

PVC version

PVC Version part 2


Story 7.5/10 It’s simple, which is a good thing. Basically, there isn’t much of anything to expect as K-On! gets to the point. As in every anime that involves the daily life at high school, plenty of school clubs are doing their best to recruit new members. Then Yui, the clutsy, “stupid” character can’t decide which club t go to. However, when she accidentally signs up to join the light music club, she decides to become a guitarist. There’s just one problem: she’s never played the guitar before in her life. So it’s unique that she learned to play it and everyone else (including her younger sister) to know how to play the guitar well. K-On! Lacked much on the learning aspect of playing an instrument all together. As she meets up with new friends, her and the band aim for the bokugan, a show or competition bands go to.

Animation 8.5/10 It’s your typical 2005 and up type of animation. Such as Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Clannad, etc. but this is good. The only difference from the other shows is the way the facial expressions on the characters faces are portrayed for certain events, making the characters ‘cuter’ and laughable. My personal favorite would be the repeated drawn circle on the eyes as some sort of fluster feeling or perhaps when they feel oblivious to what is going on (which happens quite a bit). The last important bit is the way the music the band plays goes very well with the animation, drums hitting where the drum at the right time feeling like they really are playing a song.

Characters 6.5/10 All the characters were ‘lovable’. Of course they each had their unique perk, reaction, and all that jazz. You have the sane normal girl (Mio Akiyama) who plays the bass and tries to get her friends to act accordingly. The rich, blonde girl Tsumugi Kotobuki, who instead of acts like a stubborn, spoiled brat is innocent and forgiving. The crazy and misorganized Ritsu Tainaka who happens to be the manager of the band. Last but not least, the protagonist of the show Yui Hirasawa. In some shows we determine what kind of personality the character has; how they react to situations. This show tried not to have the characters overreact too much, so it feels more realistic and not so absurd to make it more funny or dramatic. I hate shows where the character exaggerates to the problem making it bigger problem than it should be. I know it’s hard to mix a character’s personality to more than just one particular category, but it’s the same pretty much through any other anime based off a group of friends. Same personality quirk, different face. It tends to get ‘boring’ sometimes.

Overall 7.25/10 I wasn’t hooked like I wanted to be. I’ve seen and heard remarkable reviews for this show. It’s everywhere in the anime world, like the next Haruhi. From all this hype comes disappointment. I did laugh a couple times and it was a relaxing show, but that was it. Through the last half of the show I thought to myself “there is potential”. There is a second season called K-On!! (with two ! instead of one) and hoping they fixed the problem the first season had. Now it doesn’t sound professional to not exactly know what is missing or how it could be better, but I know it can be done. If you feel the need to watch a semi-comedic, not over-the-top ridiculous, relaxing show, then K-On! is for you.

Samurai Champloo Scratch

It’s sometimes hard to find a good AMV these days. Most of the time the one’s I do enjoy are usually found through other people. An anime fan told me about this AMV and I’ll admit, it’s badass. I am a fan of Linkin Park, though that is fading away rather quickly, but I’ll always remember a few of their songs. This AMV in particular matches perfectly with the beat of the song. Subtle and not too ridiculous to where the viewer can’t tell what is going on half the time. Overall, great AMV; I hope to find some more in the future.

Good work Suckafish80!