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More Super Happeh Phun Tyme!

Just an update to new episodes that have been uploaded to youtube. Please subscribe to it and make a comment as to what other games we should play! Name anything and we will do it.

Episode 5 – The Price is Right has 2 parts to it. The second part is more party based with 3 people instead of single player mode.



Episode 6 – Nickelodeon GUTS was by far the worst game we have done so far. I had to speed up the video through half of it and we couldnt even finish the game itself so unfortuantely it turned out pretty bad. LOL!



Episode 7 – Jeopardy! This was probably the most fun we have had up to this point. It is also one of the longest ones coming to 3 different parts. Our intelligence level is tested and the result is…well find out for yourself!


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