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More Super Happeh Phun Tyme!

Just an update to new episodes that have been uploaded to youtube. Please subscribe to it and make a comment as to what other games we should play! Name anything and we will do it.

Episode 5 – The Price is Right has 2 parts to it. The second part is more party based with 3 people instead of single player mode.



Episode 6 – Nickelodeon GUTS was by far the worst game we have done so far. I had to speed up the video through half of it and we couldnt even finish the game itself so unfortuantely it turned out pretty bad. LOL!



Episode 7 – Jeopardy! This was probably the most fun we have had up to this point. It is also one of the longest ones coming to 3 different parts. Our intelligence level is tested and the result is…well find out for yourself!


Super Happeh Phun Tyme!

Back and still alive! Now with some new material!

A couple of weeks ago, I started a series called Super Happeh Phun Tyme which consists of me and my friends playing really horrible games (most of the time) and the occasional classic game. My channel on youtube can be seen HERE.

Please feel welcome to comment on the videos and add any games that you think we should play in the future of this silly series.

PS: There will be a new episode every Tuesday and Friday!

Episode 1


Episode 2

Episode 3