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Back to Reality 3

This is the third installment of Back to Reality podcast. This is the second time for me to be in it since I missed out on the first one.

I felt I was more involved in this one that the “first” one I did. Enjoy BACK TO REALITY


Guests: Falkentyne and Sky13r


Hardest Game Ever Played

The Elder Scrolls V MMO?




Starcraft Tournament

One of my friends from Japanese class invited me to go join a Starcraft II tourney.He happened to make a poster of the tourney and my face is on it, wonderful…

I have already lost my first match, but since it is a double elimination tourney, I have to lose one more time to be out of the game. My next game is tonight so wish me luck!


Back To Reality (Podcast 1)

I was invited to do a podcast with a friend and his friends. I hesitated. I had just woken up, hadn’t eaten, smelled like ass and had a ton of homework to do. I was forced into it and I’m glad I was. It was fun! I hope to be more involved with the conversations next time.

Back to Reality

PS: I was having mic issues in the beginning and my computer forced restart in the middle of it. Also my name is Falkentyne in the show, but was referred to as Mike most of the time.


Guests: Falkentyne and Sky13r


Relationship vs. Being Single

KeSPA vs. USA Gaming Communities

COD: Black Ops

Working Out

Awesome Reach

One of my favorite flash artists, Egoraptor, just recently made a new Awesome episode. What’s the game that’s being made fun of now? None other than Halo Reach

The humor varies on your take on immaturity, lack of intelligence, or just was plain ‘not funny’. I found this hilarious because it speaks the truth….in an exaggerated way.