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Now we all know, yes including those people who don’t watch anime, about the oversized, ‘perfectly’ shaped, and over exaggerated movement of boobs in anime. This AMV pretty much describes every bit of what the artists, producers, or whoever is responsible for the notion that boobs look and do what they do in anime. Perhaps it’s just how the Japanese minds work, or just a man’s fantasy come true..


Japanese Train Station

By far the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in awhile. Most likely this stuff happens only in Japan, so much so you could see this and say to yourself “those Japanese people, always doing funny things”. No seriously is this even safe? Anyways, I’m looking forward to crap like this when I’m over there, although if the ride itself is more than 20 minutes it’s not going to be fun.

I’m surprised that the kid was able to deal with all these guys pushing him into the train without any agonizing pain, or even hear people already in the train yelling and cussing. Crap like this would not go as smoothly here or anywhere else in the world.

I love it

Japanese Discipline

A video my friend found and showed me because it involved those crazy Japanese people. I didn’t know what I was expecting that involved ‘precision’. I was thinking somewhere between the lines of shooting guns.

My thoughts were wrong, it’s pretty sweet nonetheless. Unfortunately, part of the video should be skipped when they present each individual by their name which starts around 2:45 and ends at 4:05.

Magic Pad

By far one of the bestย  AMV’s I have ever seen. If that is not enough to convince you the level of how well done this AMV is then hopefully this will. It won the 2008 AMV awards, the title literally meaning “Best AMV of 2008″ basing from votes from ordinary to experienced AMV fans.

Nostromo has listed into my favorite AMV artist. Nostromo has been involved in helping other people with their AMV’s for the past couple of years. He has done other works as well, one other that was on par with this one and I’ll post about that for another day.

Enjoy Magic Pad.

PS: those who are interested in downloading this on HD to have available all the time and to watch over and over again, go HERE and sign up. Then go HERE to visit his page of the works he has created and download them. It is encouraged to rate the AMV’s if you continue to download more later in the future or else bad things will happen… There are probably other places to check out without having to sign up to something, but I do prefer