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Small Mountain Hike

My friend had to video record of some mountain climbers for a project, so he invited me to go with him to Horsetooth Reservoir. It was a beautiful day with bright skies and warm temps. Mind you, these pics were taken from my phone so the beauty has been somewhat destroyed, but it makes a point. I ended up laying down on a gigantic rock for 45 min, blowing off my mind to make inner peace with myself.



Another recommended AMV that it worth watching. Visuals and editing is a *thumbs up

Angel Beats!

Story 10/10 -Similar to Bleach, the story is about these kids who are dead. They wake up to a world where they are thinking that fighting the only way out because if they don’t, they will ‘disappear’. While there is much detail to be told, I don’t want to spoil the whole show. What I can tell you is that it was like a drug. I ended up watching the whole series (13 episodes) in two days, most of which was because I had to wait for my roommate to get home from work. What’s compelling about the show is the amount of remorse the show gives towards the cast. They all have a story that makes you go “damn that sucks” since they are all depressing. You have a feel for all the people, and since the show doesn’t tell the background story of everyone it makes you ask yourself “I wonder what regret he/she has”. Not only that, you only get to find out how one of them died in the real world. I’m pretty much saying that it will keep you intrigued, leaving questions left unanswered, hoping your uneasiness goes away. I will also add that it doesn’t seem to make sense in the beginning, but don’t fret, it all comes together.

Animation 10/10 – This is by far the most beautiful and detailed series I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing that this is a series and not a movie because the quality is the same. The things I noticed differently from almost any other anime out as of now is the eyes. The color is like a shade from light to dark and it’s just gorgeous. The hair is also different, the color goes from light to dark in a very suttle way, unlike having white streaks on the edges of their hair. The CGI is well done as well. You pretty much have to see for yourself. It’s clear they had the funds to make the show and didn’t hesitate to spend it. Smooth, soft, colorful, I can’t describe it well enough to make it sound as good as it is.

Beautiful Scenery

CGI at work

Characters 10/10 – The cast and how they were portrayed was well done. Now I liked and disliked the idea of the amount of detail was left out for most of the characters. It left some sort of mystery about them. I think this matches well with the concept of the whole show. What the hell is going on kind of thing. They were all fighting for what they believed in, but they didn’t know if it was the right thing to do. Like I mentioned before the lack of information left me wanting to watch more in hopes I do get to know the characters story and while they didn’t leave much of anything except for Ontonashi (the protagonist), and maybe some detail about Kanade, Yurripe, and Hinata, I think it was enough. Now people might complain that it was a bad move on the producers of the show to leave out so much detail, but I don’t think it was. We become spoiled and feel we are supposed to be given information about everything so that we can connect to the character more properly in the show. It would’ve been too obvious; “oh, they told the story of the main character and now we are going to learn about the others”, but it doesn’t and I respect that. Everyone is in this “purgatory” world because they died unsatisfied and full of regret, so we already know that it was a depressing death, isn’t that enough information? There isn’t a need to get into everyone’s life story. I know I’m ranting, but I think this is an important concept. Other than that, I enjoyed the cast and their behavior, it felt real and not over-the-top ridiculous.

Overall 10/10 – It’s ignorant to give a show a perfect score because there is always room for corrections, but I’m doing it anyway. No doubt I enjoyed the show, the story, characters, and animation with complete satisfaction. It has been awhile since I finished a series so quickly (the last was twelve kingdoms a year ago). I must also add that I enjoyed the humor, I laughed, chuckled and was amused by it all. It takes effort to make a serious show, where these kids died, pissed off, rebelling and add humor, BUT not too much, just the right amount. Last but not least is how the show steered from one situation to another was brilliant. For example, Ontonashi had a plan to help his friends, so he picked Yui. He successfully sent her away and it felt as though the rest of the show was about him sending his friends away, but it didn’t work that way. There were other times where this happened and completely changes towards a different direction.