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If buildings were ALIVE

An art muesuem in Germany has a unique way of attracting people. It looks like a projecting screen, but I believe its a set of screens on the building itself, about 555 of them. The heavy deep bass sounds, which I hope is coming from the building itself, does make the show more interactive.



The Japanese have constructed a 9 x 9 x 9  foot square box that has all the necessary equipment to well…live. it costs 6,300,000 yen… or 70,000 US dollars. I personally wouldn’t mind living in something compact and efficient, but I am a person of having people come over to hang. I dont think this would suffice.

 Paco Outside

The roof can be lifted and acts as a window… I think.


This isn’t the bed, but a place to rest since theirs nothing else to do..

Dining Room

Nice little compact dinning room/sitting area.


Sitting in action. Cant tell how hard the surface is, but I hope its soft.


Nice little bathroom


Shower in action.


Sleeping area. Kinda claustrophobic to me, but what can you do.