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Building Caught on Fire

I came home from work today and police tape was surrounding the area, cars couldn’t get into Stuart from Lemay. I was riding my bike and just waltzed right into my house with 2 firetrucks in front of my house. When I walked by my car, it was covered with ash. Then further down I see a building with a burnt hole on the top of the roof and a hole in a wall. Smoke plowing out f the building and I was like “hmm, I should take a pic of this and post this on my blog.”

More info HERE

Good stuff…

 Fire 1

I sense art in this picture


Car ash 1

Its better than bird poop


Car ash 2

More carnage


Building on Fire

Here is the best pic I could get, their was firemen and they were walking toward me and so I had to leave.


The next day














A daytime pic the next morning


Robot love

Robot love

I am going to ramble on a subject about artificial intelligence and love. This was on my previous blog and thought I’d re-tell the whole hypothesis once again…

If I were to create a robot and it fell in love… well then I must tell you… IT’S IMPOSSIBLE! It just CAN’T happen! NOT POSSIBLE! A robots automation’s with their anima are magically ensouled! MAGICALLY ENSOULED!

Love, the one emotion that defies all rational thought and explanation. Am I to become a philosopher, then? Am I to unravel one of the greatest mysteries of the human condition?

For an artificial intelligence to even experience such a thing, to fall into the realm of subjective, rather than objective, that can only lead to one, inevitable conclusion – that my robot has become self-aware! When one can monitor one’s internal thought patterns with an “inner eye”, that is self awareness! We’re talking META-conscious here! There’s no scientific rational for that! My robot was never intended to develop such a thing… but wait… when it comes to the emotions, who can say what is or isn’t rational?

To be human is to have emotions, and to have emotions is to have love, and, once there’s love then hell, why not throw in reproductive endocrinology into the whole mix! I mean why not right?? And reproduction, of course, means death which is all well and good- if we are talking  about replicants, but we’re not! We’re talking about robots! Robots can’t have emotion, they just can’t! Or could it be that maybe, just maybe…. THE GHOST of an emotion, generated by her auto learning program!! Still! Even so! From a strictly methodological standpoint, it’s all still too bloody subjective for a scientist to wrap his mind around, don’t you think? Science is absolute! It’s….OMG! What am I saying!? It sounds like I’ve given up! This isn’t good- it’s not good I tell you! Since when has the lack of of easy answer been an excuse to.. for what did I sell my soul to science if not to answer those very same hard questions?

Was it the magic based power system my robot gave me which caused an unforeseen side-effect on the systems!? NO, no I can’t accept that, it’s just another easy answer, that’s what that is!! Then again, there is that team that supposedly engineered an artificial intelligence capable of independent emotion so maybe.. It very well might be love.

I think I found a whole new direction for research!

Funny for the week 5

why I cant get a gf

Black Rock Shooter

A wish on a star, in the darkness of the night.

Black Rock Shooter has been brought to life as a PVC figure! She’s holding a huge Rock Cannon, in a pose that says “don’t mess with me!” Her flowing hair and jacket, as well as her weapon and beautiful stand have all been carefully sculpted, all the details are magnificent.

Who is Black Rock Shooter? Ryo, who is a song writer and composer created a song and music video called Black Rock Shooter and was sang by Hatsune Miku using Vocaloid… did that answer your question? Vocaloid is a singing synthesizer application software developed by the Yamaha Corporation that enables users to synthesize singing by just typing in lyrics and melody. It all makes sense now right? 🙂


Blakc Rock Shooter 2

I feel as though the back is missing something…

Black Rock Shooter base

I haven’t seen a PVC figure with a base that is as good as this. Some of the figurines I’ve seen with bases felt unneeded or “in the way” but this is a whole different story.

Images provided by Dannychoo.