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I have finally found God

After years of searching I finally found God.

He was in that closet in the basement behind some old clothes. I didn’t look there before ’cause I was scared there might be spiders.

Now it’s OUR turn. I call dibs on that old refrigerator in the back yard. Hurry, he just started counting . . .IMG_0378


Yogurting Dance

I was reading someones youtube comment about the dancing to the intro of the Yogurting game and I thought to myself, “that’s the stupidest things to do.”

So I went and did it anyway. Here’s two attempts  of embarrassment. Enjoy!

PS: Don’t try this at home!

$750,000 Computer

Well its a little more than $750,000, its exactly $751,067. The computer is called “Jupiter” where it has a platinum case studied with diamonds.

Jupiters little brother, “Mars” has a gold case also studied with diamonds but costs only $563,063. (both only sold in Japan )

Expensive Computer


Would match well with my diamond toilet.

Mario in the real world

I came across this while posting a video on the frustration of playing the hardest level on Mario. It already has over 15 million views, perhaps you may have already seen it, but then theirs a chance you haven’t. At any rate, their are many Mario parodies out there, good and bad. This one is pretty good. Good enough to win the “Best Comedy of 2007” on Youtube.

The parodyis about Mario and Peach wanted to move away from the world of Mario and start anew in the real world.

Funny of the Week 3

Japan stall

We live such hard lives…

Breaking my ballz!

We have all met a time where we are frustrated, end of story.

community organizer

A Proud Subsidiary of Yu Wan Mei Amalgated Salvage Fisheries And Polymer Injection Corp.

A Proud Subsidiary of Yu Wan Mei Amalgated Salvage Fisheries And Polymer Injection Corp.

Good parodists, in my belief, should remain relevant in their subject matter.  While there’ll always be time-honored conceptions for folks to fall back on for gags (ex.: politicians are dumb, celebrities are dumber, the American populance is dumbest), what seperates the weak from the strong in the field of humor-mongering is an ability to reflect the changing world.

Enter The Onion, the parody newspaper that almost never misses a beat in it’s fake coverage. Now that the current recession has laid waste to the print industry, we learn that even the parody paper has had to make certain concessions. The consequences have been absolutely positively hilarious.

 Taking a laugh at Old Media in it’s darkest hour is ballsy and ought to be applauded, especially after having to swallow a fat slice of reality themselves.